Why Is Rigor Important to Student Achievement?

Academic rigor is not only important, but vital to student achievement for many reasons. The most pressing reason is simply to be a global citizen. The rate at which technology is changing our world is exponential and is expected to increase each year. Technology is making our world smaller. The job our graduates of 2020 will apply for could have an applicant list from students all over the globe. Even this year's college graduates are applying for jobs didn't exist 20, even 10 years ago.

Most K-12 schools today have mission and vision statements that include some form of, "college and career readiness". But how can we ensure that students are "career ready", when the careers that we are preparing them for may have not been created yet? The answer to this question is, academic rigor. 

To be successful in a global marketplace, students will need to know how to problem solve and think critically, be excellent communicators and collaborators, be able to tap into their creativity and innovation, and be technologically literate. Imagine a classroom that embodies these skills with content knowledge embedded. This is the essence of a rigorous classroom and the reason why it is important to academic achievement.

If our scholars expect to compete for employment in a global marketplace, our teachers must learn how to teach academically rigorous lessons, and educational leaders must understand the importance of it. 

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